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Benefits of Air Conditioning


An air conditioned room does not need open windows (which are also a security risk). The air inside the room will therefore contain lower pollen and pollution levels than the air outside. An air conditioned room is also less humid and this can help control the quantity of mould spores in the air. These factors can be helpful for people who suffer from respiratory and other illnesses. For fresh air in any room, a Heat Recovery system is highly recommended. This will also help the fight against infections such as SARS and similar viruses.

Productivity In The Office

Many studies suggest that workers are most productive when the office temperature is about 21.7° to 22.2° C (71° or 72° F). CoolAir always recommend that our clients keep their temperature set at 22° to 23° C in the summer and 21° C in winter. We would also recommend using the ‘cool and heat’ modes on your remote control as these settings offer far more control than the ‘auto’ mode setting.

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